Tuam's showband king Jimmy Higgins. Photo: Ray Ryan

Tuam’s first music Millionaire

Having caught the music bug playing with Tuam Brass Brand, Jimmy Higgins went on play in venues around the world but his heart always brought him back to the West

Jimmy Higgins started playing the trumpet at the tender age of ten in 1956. He never dreamed that a few years later, he would be the first music Millionaire from Tuam or that he would play in the same club in Germany as The Beatles.

“Joining the Tuam Brass Band was one way of keeping us young lads from running wild around the streets. We rehearsed, under the late Danny Kelly Senior, five or six nights a week in the old Community Centre beside O’Toole’s car park,” says Jimmy, who is a native of Athenry Road.

“Some of us just joined for the craic but many went on to become professional musicians, including myself,” says Jimmy.

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