VOLUNTEERS from the 2nd Battalion (Claregalway, Annaghdown and Kilcoona) of the Mid-Galway Brigade IRA at Killeen Castle, Castlegar, 1921. Approximately one third of the men in the photograph participated in the Kilroe ambush. Photo: courtesy of Cathy Fahy

New documentary puts Ballad of Michael Hoade into history books

Shooting of shopkeeper in War of Independence shocked North Galway

A BALLAD telling the story of the shooting of a young man from Caherlistrane by Crown Forces during the War of Independence has been recorded on film for the first time.

Michael Hoade from Ballintleva was shot by the Crown’s men in a field not far from his home on January 22, 1921.

It was purported by the Crown that he was a rebel and had taken part in the Kilroe Ambush, between Headford and Galway, a few days previously. He was also accused of having been involved in the Gallagh Ambush in 1920. Both attacks were carried out by members of the Irish Volunteers/Irish Republican Army.

While Michael was a member of the volunteers, IRA records showed that he wasn’t at either event. His involvement in either ambush was widely denied in his local area and there is no evidence to substantiate that he was in any way involved.

Michael was 31 years old when he was shot ...

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