Outpatient appointments halted at Galway University Hospitals

MANY outpatients appointments at Galway University Hospitals are being put on hold from Monday due to rising cases of Covid-19.

Increasing cases in the community, along with significant numbers of staff absences due to the virus, is having a significant impact on services at Galway's public hospitals.

From Monday, January 10, a number of outpatients appointments will be postponed to allow staff to be redeployed to support essential emergency care.

The hospital says patients are being contacted directly if their appointment is being postponed.

All routine inpatient surgeries scheduled have also been postponed. Time sensitive, urgent cases will proceed when it is safe to do them and patients will be contacted if they are to attend.

Ambulatory gynaecology, some endoscopy and other non-theatre day cases are proceeding but remain under review.

Patients should confirm that their case is proceeding on the day before it is scheduled using the contact details provided on their appointment notification.

The hospital says the situation is being kept under constant review.