New 26bed unit planned for galway hospice

A NEW 26-bed facility is being planned by the Galway Hospice Foundation on a greenfield site in Merlin Park.
The hospice has confirmed that agreement has been reached with the HSE for the purchase of 14 acres of land at Merlin Park, adjoining the main Galway to Dublin road.
This will meet the foundation’s long-term development plans for a large, future-proofed hospice facility, to be built in a woodland setting, with substantial support facilities for patients and their families, adjacent to and co-located with Merlin Park Hospital.
A planning application for a 26-bed unit will be submitted to Galway City Council over the coming year.
However, the hospice will be completely reliant on fundraising for the expansion of its service as there is no HSE funding available for the development.
Outgoing Chief Executive Sean O’Healy described the news as the most significant development since the establishment of Galway Hospice Foundation in 1987.
“This is hugely important for the future of Galway Hospice, confirming the HSE’s commitment to facilitating and supporting the expansion of hospice services into the future. The extent of the available lands allows for the creation of the optimum setting and supportive environment for providing patient and family-focused palliative care and end-of-life services, with lots of space, walkways, woodland cabins, themed and sensory gardens.
'It is the culmination of many years of searching and planning, and represents a new dawn for Galway Hospice, and a fitting tribute to those that have unwaveringly supported Galway Hospice financially and through voluntary service since our establishment,” said Sean O'Healy.
The development timeframe on the Merlin Park site is five years minimum. Meanwhile, the Foundation is proceeding with the addition of six inpatients beds in temporary accommodation at the existing site.