IRISH wild orchids growing in North Galway.

From shop seductions to the wild

Finding orchids while wandering

I WOULD guess there are plenty of you who, like me, have been seduced by the beautiful blooms that catch our eye in a shop as we try and swish by en route to purchasing something completely different.

The most cunning of these aren’t the bright bouquets, it’s the potted plant that we fall victim too. A pretty potted plant always comes in just the right size, just the right pot and just when you think a certain corner in the house could do with something to cheer it up.

One of the most alluring of these has to be the orchid. Tall, elegant and flaunting perfectly formed petals, orchids come across as the perfect tasteful gift for us, or a friend.

However, the species we welcome into our homes are only for indoor environments and while their survival can be an each-way bet, they wouldn’t stand a chance outdoors.

Ireland has its own orchids that do grow and survive outside. I learnt about our native wild orchids after nearly stepping on and crushing one of the delightful delicate blooms ...

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