SIERRA Leone’s Effey Koroma enjoying the event.


Event celebrates over 40 cultures at Tuam’s Trinity Primary School

THE extraordinary cultural diversity that exists in Trinity Primary School in Tuam was celebrated in a special way last week.

The school comprises more than 760 pupils with 45 different cultures in the school community.

Principal Loraine Burke said that such diversity is a massive asset which was celebrated over the past week. The 45 flags representing the varied countries and cultures linked to the pupils were carried during a special assembly of the entire school.

The event also awarded children the opportunity to showcase their traditional costumes and it ended with a heartwarming Indian folk dance performed by some junior students.

“Trinity Primary School recognises the driving force of diversity for the development of the holistic child,” said Ms Burke.

“Through exposure to various cultures, a deeper understanding of varying values will emerge and, as a result, our pupils will lead more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual lives.

“Our school is proud of its recognition of a place of learning which promotes inclusion and diversity and offers a safe place for all as we strive for unity and togetherness,” she added.

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