THERE are three main changes to goods being exported into the UK.


UK’s import control measures come into effect today

NEW customs requirements for agricultural food and plant goods going into the UK from Ireland and the EU began today (January 31).

Martin Blake, the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) with the Department of Agriculture, is from Kilconly, and has been negotiating with British authorities ahead of the new rules that Irish traders exporting across the water will have to adhere to.

The UK’s ‘Border Target Operating Model’ comes about following their exit from the EU in 2020. The set of security control measures will not affect the movement of goods between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

According to the website, the three main changes to goods being exported into the UK are – full customs control; pre-notification documentation for live animals, animal products, and high and medium risk plant products; and health certs for medium risk animal products, plants, plant products and high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin.

“There are two fundamental matters concerning the new rules for Irish exporters. The first one is that they have to register on the EU’s ‘TRACES’ food safety system, if they haven’t done so already,” said CVO Martin Blake.

“The second is they should organise with a GB-based importer or agent, with a GB address, to upload information for them onto the UK’s IPAFF system. All goods irrespective of risk category must be notified with them.”

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