THE old railway station in Tuam has fallen into disrepair. Photo: Ray Ryan

Platform for antisocial behaviour

Irish Rail to secure Tuam station amid concerns

CONCERNS over one of Tuam’s most notorious drinking dens has led for calls on Irish Rail to secure the town’s former Railway Station building.

School principals and public representatives have raised fears regarding the safety of teenagers, who have access to the derelict stationhouse, where they engage in antisocial behaviour.

Cllr Andrew Reddington said that Irish Rail had a duty of care to secure the building and warned the State body could be pursued in the courts if anyone was to injure themselves on the premises.

The building, which was home to the Railway Kitchen restaurant in recent years, closed in 2018 when the business lease expired. It has since been served with a Vacant Property Notice by Galway County Council.

Cllr Reddington said he was contacted by a school principal who said children from every school in the town were frequenting the station and it was only a matter of time before there was a serious incident in the building..

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