Hannah Daly, who has released a new book, titled Knowing No Boundaries at Kenny's, Galway.

Former Rose knows no boundaries

IN education today, there are few of the horror stories that our grandparents and parents — and to a lesser extent, those of a certain younger age — lived through. Corporal punishment, psychological bullying and, indeed, sexual abuse were not uncommon in primary and secondary schools across the country in the 20th century.

In 1982 corporal punishment was outlawed by then Minister of Education John Boland in the majority of primary schools and those secondary schools receiving public funding, but it was not until the Children First Act was passed in 2015 — just eight years ago — that all forms of corporal punishment were definitively outlawed in all schools.

Sadly, the changes in law came too late for the millions of students above who passed through the Irish educational system over the past 100 years, with those deemed to be ‘stupid’ often easy targets for teachers with a mean or vindictive streak. Those students, though, were far from stupid.

Thankfully, in today’s educational system there is a greater understanding of such things as dyslexia, dyspraxia and other conditions that impede the mind or body and resources are provided to aid the child.

One of those who experienced her fair share of toil throughout her primary and secondary school life was former Dublin Rose of Tralee contestant Hannah Daly, who has released a new book, titled Knowing No Boundaries, about growing up with dyslexia, dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder.

Since its launch, the book has received a big response and is having a significant impact across a wide demographic. Hannah, who was in Kenny’s Bookshop giving a talk about neurodiversity and inclusion in early May, says that it’s her desire to generate more awareness about hidden disabilities and break down barriers within education and employment.

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