VET Rafael Moraeles checks on the dog before it goes into the MRI scanner.

What lies beneath!

MRI machine can scan gorillas and dogs - and every animal in between!

A MOBILE MRI scanning unit that can examine some of the deadliest animals in the jungle has been used in Galway veterinary practices in recent months.

Burgess Diagnostics are based in the town of Leyland, north of Manchester, and have five lorries on the road travelling with mobile MRI scanners to locations in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Mountbellew’s Ciaran Gardiner is the man behind bringing the innovative system to the West of Ireland.

The son of Brendan Gardiner, a vet in Mountbellew for many years, Ciaran is also a qualified vet who now manages five veterinary practices in Loughrea, Tuam, Mountbellew, Ballinasloe and Athlone.

The mobile MRI scanner was on the back of one of Burgess Diagnostics’ lorries in the Railway Veterinary Clinic in Loughrea when The Tuam Herald got to see it in action...

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