ORANMORE dairy farmer Henry Walsh.

'It's not Irish or Galway warming, it's global warming' - IFA

IFA table shows dairy herd unfairly targeted

MISINFORMATION relating to the farming sector’s contribution to climate change continues to be a particular bone of annoyance for Irish farmers.

The IFA recently released a table, using data from the new Climate Trace website launched at the COP27 climate change summit in Cairo, that showed seven facilities in Ireland emit as many tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere as 72 per cent of the Irish dairy herd.

Dublin Airport and Drogheda Cement Plant (15 per cent each) were numbers one and two in the table, with three other cement plants, Whitegate Oil Refinery in Cork, and the Corrib Gas Field off the coast of Mayo also in the table of seven.

“The table was simply looking to bring balance to the debate. Those seven facilities produce the same amount of carbon as almost 75 per cent of the Irish dairy herd,” said Oranmore dairy farmer Henry Walsh, the Galway IFA’s Environmental and Rural Affairs Chairman…

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