WIND turbines superimposed on the landscape at the location where they are proposed for in Clonberne.

Brewing up a storm!

Wind turbines higher than The Spire

THE 11 wind turbines proposed for the Clonberne Wind Farm are to be up to 180 metres in height, making them 60 metres higher than The Spire on Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

A public information day was held on the project in the Community Centre in Clonberne last Thursday evening, detailing the location of the 11 wind turbines in an area to the west of Clonberne village, with representatives from MKO Planning and Environmental Consultants firm present.

Concern amongst a group of local residents has further grown in the days since the meeting, with the size of the imposing structures on the landscape one of the bones of contention.

Feasibility studies have been carried out over the last few years on the site, and at the previous public information meeting held pre-Covid, the proposed blade tip height of the wind turbines was to be 169 metres.

A planning application in respect of the project is anticipated to be lodged with An Bord Pleanála in early 2023. The rotor diameter of the wind turbines’ blades will be 150 metres, and they have a hub height of 105 metres, as well as the blade tip height of 180 metres…

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