GLASS from one of the car windows that was smashed in the car park outside Moylough Church.

Robbers strike car owner with nailbar

Man suffers nasty facial injuries after confronting ‘marauding gang’

A NAILBAR was used to strike a man in the face when he was in the midst of apprehending a criminal who had broken into his car outside Moylough Church last Saturday evening, The Tuam Herald understands.

The incident took place at approximately 7.30pm while mass was ongoing inside St Patrick’s Church. The criminal is believed to have had his head in the window of the car when its owner came upon him.

Two cars that were parked in the car park at the back of the church were broken into, and the criminal involved was not acting alone.

His accomplice is said to have come to his aid with the nailbar during the incident. The injuries sustained by the man are not life-threatening.

The two criminals are believed to have made off in a black Audi…

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