Tuam Darkness into Light in danger of disbanding

Pieta House desperately seeking volunteers to help run 2023 event

UNLESS suicide prevention group Pieta House can unearth five volunteers in the coming months, they will be unable to run their well-supported and hugely successful Darkness Into Light fundraising event in Tuam in 2023.

That’s the message being relayed by a spokesperson for Pieta, which offered more than 580 people from Galway in-person counselling and bereavement services in 2021.

At the annual Darkness Into Light event, which is held every May, tens of thousands of people congregate in the early hours of the morning at various locations, both at home and overseas, and participate in a walk to raise much-needed funds for the charity.

The group’s flagship event, Darkness into Light, began in 2009 and has since spread into a major awareness campaign for suicide prevention, and Pieta is eager to ensure the Tuam gathering will continue next year, and beyond …

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