PAULA Clancy takes a selfie of herself and her friends Edel Ramberg and Anna Hosty, all from Galway, at the first day of the Galway Racing Festival on Monday. Photo: Ray Ryan

Races back on track

The laughs, the roars, the heels and the squeals

THE CROWDS are back at Ballybrit and the buzz of Galway’s All-Ireland’s performance kept the party atmosphere going to give an energetic kickstart to the summer racing festival.

And it was all back in abundance for the first two days of race week – the hats, the style, the pundits and the cash. The country may be battling a spiraling rise in the cost of living but there was plenty being spent at the Tote and the bookies, as well as in the array of bars and hospitality areas.

People have had enough of two years queuing for their vaccines and boosters here – now they were arriving at the turnstiles eager to roll up their sleeves for some good old racing revelry …

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