ORGANISERS Jojo Hynes and Midie Corcoran. Photo: Jacinta Fahy

Earwig Archive exhibition evokes fond memories

THE SOLSTICE was the date for a gathering in Tuam Town Hall of a disparate group who had taken part in various art events in the town over the ten years when Earwig was active.

The focus was the Earwig Archive, which was spread out on three large tables and included posters, pictures, programmes and numerous cuttings from this newspaper.

The cuttings demonstrated the importance of any local paper in preserving the cultural history of an area. Posters and programmes are very good exhibits in themselves, but it is the newspaper reports that provide the narrative that ties them together.

Organiser Midie Corcoran said they will create a digital archive. He hopes that other organisations will do similar archives so that a kind of family tree of arts organisations and groups will be set up in Tuam.

For loads of pics from this event, check out this week’s The Tuam Herald or log onto our digital edition HERE