Martin King and his partner Ruby Dodds at Sunstreet Foods. Photo: Ray Ryan

Sweet treats from Sun Street

Culinary couple set up their new business during lockdown

SUN Street is one of Tuam’s most pleasantly named thoroughfares and over the past 18 months it has become home to one of the sweetest new businesses to emerge from the pandemic.

A bakery, nestled behind a cottage at the junction with Bishop Street, has been churning out a feast of confectionary delights that have garnered a growing reputation in Galway’s café and restaurant scene for Tuam native Martin King and his partner Ruby Dodds.

The couple, who have a young son, have turned the trauma of Covid where they both lost their jobs as chefs in Galway city, into a thriving business, Sunstreet Foods.

“We knew we wanted to set up something of our own but it was only when Covid struck and Ruby was on maternity leave that we decided to give it a go,” said Martin, who is from Dublin Road.

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