BROTHERS Matt and George Flannery at their offices at the MG Business Park, Tuam. Photo: Ray Ryan

Getting to grips with the grind

North Galway business showing others who to serve the perfect cup of coffee

IRELAND has moved on from the Blue Nun equivalent days in its taste in coffee.

While a heaped teaspoon of granules and good splosh of boiling water is still perfectly acceptable in some households, others are faffing about with pods, making plenty of noise with home-use machines or pressing down as hard as they can on a coffee plunger or cafetiere, as they’re properly titled.

In a country where we once only asked ‘how do you take your tea’, asking someone their coffee preference is likely to require a notepad.

To tie in with our thriving coffee culture, Tuam is home to a school where people aged from 16 to 59 have come to gain the considerable skills needed to serve the perfect cup every time.

People from all walks of life are attending the Galway Barista School in the MG Business Park in Tuam, a school that opened at the end of 2017 and has grown from offering classes once a month to hosting them every week ...

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