Rural housing issues fuel heated debates on development plan

Over 80 per cent of one-off home applications granted in 2021

GALWAY’S County Councillors have held firm and defied recommendations from the Office of the Planning Regulator in relation to drawing up the county’s policies for future one-off housing in rural areas.

Councillors argue their plan represents the interests of their constituents and provides for people wanting to build their own home in areas where they grew up, have family land or have established strong connections to.

However, some of the policies they have set out in the newly adopted County Development Plan go against the advice from their Chief Executive and senior officials and override the recommendations set out by the Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR).

This may result in the OPR recommending changes to the Minister, who can then issue a direction.

The issue of one-off rural housing has been the most contentious during the many months of debate of the draft plan, which will act as the blueprint for the county from now until 2028…

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