JOHN McGurk returns to Tuam next week with a group of runners who will arrive after a six-day run from Germany in memory of the 796 children who died at the Mother & Baby Home. He visited the town last August where he organised 796 memorial crosses to be laid with the names of the infants and toddlers who died.

Tuam to welcome group of German runners

Six-day trek across six countries in memory of Home Babies

TUAM people are being urged to come out to support a group of German runners who are due to arrive at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home site next Tuesday, after a mammoth six-day trek across six countries in memory of the 796 children who died there.

The group, led by John McGurk, will leave Osnabruck Town Hall in Germany tomorrow morning (Thursday) and embark upon the first leg of their journey to Amsterdam, where they will board a ferry to north East England.

From Newcastle, the group will run north to Lanarkshire in Scotland, where they will lay a wreath to remember those buried at a mass grave in St Mary’s graveyard in the town.

At least 400 children who were residents of a care home run by Catholic nuns, that closed in 1981, are believed to be buried there, according to an investigation by BBC News in 2017.

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