Together at last: Brother and sister, John Egan and Marie Bolton. Photo: Mary Ryan

A lifetime of longing ends happily

Siblings Marie Bolton and John Egan met for the first time after 70 years

THEY spent years searching, researching, asking, journeying, writing, and meeting blank walls. Even their biological brother turned them away without giving them the information they so desperately wanted – their family origins.

Marie (Egan) Bolton and John Egan are half siblings, who did not meet until they were close to 70 years of age.

Tuam’s Catherine Corless was the conduit who brought them together.

Marie was born in 1948 in Leeds and at two and a half years of age, found herself in a court with drunks and alcoholics where her immediate future was determined. She was sent back to Ireland to the orphanage in Loughrea, which was run by the Sisters of Mercy.

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