A conceptual photocomposition about deforestation in the Amazon. Galway farmers, though, grow their trees for timber use, unlike the Amazon, which is a natural resource being plundered.

'It's not the Amazon that we're cutting down,' says Galway IFA forestry rep

Just 12 per cent of 4,050 licences granted were for planting trees

THE Chairman of the Galway branch of the IFA’s Forestry Committee has said that he has never seen times as bad for farmers with forestry on their land.

Caherlistrane’s Enda Monaghan has been representing Galway on the forestry committee on and off for some time.

“I couldn’t recommend lads to go out and plant trees on their land now, because in ten or 20 years time you don’t know what is going to happen with them,” said Enda.

“I planted trees under the FEPS Scheme, similar to the REPS Scheme but for forestry, about 15 years ago. I set aside 30 acres for it and about 30 per cent of the trees planted were hardwood trees. I left open areas on the land with that to help with biodiversity.”

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