Gerry Fahy, who has stepped down as Galway ladies football senior manager

Fahy steps down as Galway senior ladies football manager

Galway LGFA release statement

WITH just three weeks to go before the start of the LGFA National Football League, Gerry Fahy has stepped down as Galway senior ladies football manager.

In a statement released by Galway LGFA this evening, they said an inability to resolve "questions" had led to the management team stepping aside.

It does not clarify what those issues were.

The full Galway LGFA Statement reads as follows:

It is with regret that Galway Ladies Football County Board announce that Gerry Fahy has stepped away from his role as Senior Intercounty Manager with immediate effect

Gerry has cited questions that were raised that he and his management team were unfortunately unable to resolve and in the interest of Galway ladies football the management team stepped aside.

Gerry wishes the players and new management every good fortune for the 2022 season and Galway Board officials will now begin the process of appointing a new management team.

The Galway County Board also wishes to thank Gerry and his management team for their time, commitment and dedication to Galway Ladies Football and wish him well going forward.