HANDS ON...Scouts taking part in a competition at Tuam Scout Hall. Photo: Ray Ryan

Tuam Scouts - a group worth saving

BEING a member of the Scouts has a plethora of positives, not just for kids but for adults as well.

When we think of the Scouts, images from a movie or TV programme spring to mind -- usually, of teenagers hiking in a forest or cooking marshmallows on an open fire beside a lake. While these types of activities do take place, it is far from the sole modus operandi of a Scout.

Children learn tools that help them both in social and practical terms. The adults supervising derive satisfaction from seeing their charges develop. The members of Tuam Scouts, both young and not so old, will testify to this.

Tuam Scout Hall is located at the top of the hill on the Old Road in the town. Tuam Scouts have a waiting list of children looking to join up, but they have been unable to take on any new recruits in the past two years because they need more adult volunteers to act as Scouters or Scout leaders.