FIREWORKS after the West's Awake Festival on September 7 1991. Photo: Ray Ryan

People have loved them for decades and always will

BY the end of 1990 The Saw Doctors, all the way from Tuam, had won over the country. The Christmas charts had their singles at No 2 and No 3 and there wasn’t a chipper in the country that you’d visit on a Saturday night that wasn’t blaring out ‘I have fallen for another’.

The band had recorded the tracks for their debut album and the final touches were being put to the record early in the New Year. Things were looking good for the band but no one foresaw just what a landmark year 1991 would be.

Manager Ollie Jennings was busy. “They were the band everyone was talking about. We launched the album in May in Tuam and media from Dublin travelled down, which was unheard of in those days.”

Yes, there were a few grouchy critics who loved giving out about the lads, they’d sooner pluck their chest hairs apparently, but the majority of people simply loved them. “They had come from nowhere with a massive hit and you’d hear them on the radio nearly every hour,” says Ollie.

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