Margaret and John Hegerty with the fleece from their Galway sheep. Photo: Kathy Ross

Galway Wool could be the new Merino!

A GROUP of Irish wool growers are hoping that their trademarked Galway Wool will be as revered as the coveted Merino wool in years to come.

Dismayed by the worthless value of their sheeps’ fleece, they formed a new co-op during the pandemic that will source direct markets for their wool as well as promote and market the high-end quality product. The medium-to-fine white wool from the rare Galway sheep breed has the potential to become a premium product.

The co-op’s first client is Donegal Yarns and this Saturday some 5,000kg of freshly shorn Galway sheep fleeces will be checked and weighed at Athenry Mart before making its way to Bradford in England for processing.

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