VISUAL artist Jennifer Cunningham with her daughter Emily Acheson and Midie Corcoran at St. Benen’s well in Kilbannon. Photo: Ray Ryan

Bringing the mystery, magic and history of wells to life

Local artists team with historians for innovative Galway 2020 project

ANCIENT wells that have survived in Tuam and its surrounding hinterland for hundreds of years are remembered and given a new sense of place in a joint artistic project that runs throughout May.

The multi-media piece of work emanated from a project carried out by Tuam Tidy Towns at the Abbey Trinity Well and now, thanks to funding from Galway 2020 and an imaginative collaboration between local artists and historians, the stories, folklore and history of the wells are told in a new way.

Circle of Wells was originally planned to be an exhibition, however the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in it, like so many other arts projects, having to be reinvented and reimagined.

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