Belclare native Aileen Keating.

A Tuam professor in the USA is researching problems of fertility

‘OH gee, Hughie Keating’s daughter!” was the response from the Editor which I showed him a video of Associate Professor Aileen Keating of Iowa State University: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I had been researching Aileen in preparation for this article and calling out bits and pieces of information about this local woman.

By the time I’d watched her video ( heard her wonderful local accent which reassured me that she had not become Americanised, I knew I would be able to have a friendly chat in spite of her numerous and inaccessible (to me) academic papers.

(For those of you interested in being impressed you can see Aileen’s papers by going to:

Aileen is from Belclare, went to Belclare National School, Presentation College Tuam, on to University College Galway (now NUIG) for her undergraduate degree 1994-’98 and to Coleraine for her Master’s.

“Coleraine opened my eyes to the outside world. The Omagh bomb was a few weeks before I moved up there. It’s a beautiful part of the country and I lived close to a beach.”

Then she got a fellowship from Teagasc which took her to their research institute in Fermoy where she did a doctorate: “it was there I learnt a lot about agriculture in a short time,” Aileen told The Tuam Herald. She moved to Canada in 2004.

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