Pat O'Connor's grandfather was from Garrafrauns, Dunmore.

Dunmore links for Superbowl star

BY David Connors
DESCRIBED in many quarters as the “greatest show on earth”, American Football’s main event, the Super Bowl, will get underway this Sunday at 11.30pm GMT.
Of course with over 100 athletes involved on Sunday night, the odds of Irish links emerging were always quite strong and from a Galway perspective, it’s worth keeping an eye out for Tampa Bay’s number 79, Pat O’Connor, a man who stands at 6’4” and tips the scales at just over 19 stone.
O’Connor has direct links with Cloondalgan, Garrafrauns in Dunmore, where his grandfather Mattie comes from.  The footballer is fully aware of his Irish heritage, given he has the O’Connor coat of arms tattooed on his arm as well as Family over everything as Gaeilge.
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