Artist Siofra Holyland pictured with some of her work. Photo: Ray Ryan

All things bright and beautiful

COLOUR can lighten or darken our mood, it can give us an emotional boost or weigh down further a dark and sombre mood.
TH Body Ragged: Looking at the diversity of work from Tuam artist Síofra Holyand, it’s hard not be uplifted and energised. Everything has more than a splash of colour; it explodes from the individual items and has an almost magnetic effect on the eye.
The colour isn’t just formed in plain blocks, it’s interspersed with dramatic patterns as well as those that are more blended, more subtle. The creative world of young artist Síofra is a whirring colour wheel and a world where she finds beauty, design and innovation in everything around her, especially nature and flowers.
 Her love of colour and pattern began when she was a child and it fed her desire to have her own style, wear things her own way.
“Ever since studying art in secondary school I’ve had a huge interest in colour and patterns, the symbols and energy that they feed. Bright colours make you feel good and I love seeing how people react to a colour and become uplifted.”
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