Galway GAA report €336k deficit in 2020

 LIKE for every other walk of life, it's been a year like no other for sporting organisations in Ireland, and significant negative impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic have been reflected in Galway GAA's financial statements for 2020.
Results for the year ended October 31 were published in Treasurer Mike Burke's report and made available to clubs in advance of last night's online Convention.
Total income in 2020 amounted to €2,317,630 with expenditure recorded at €2,314,195. That meant a surplus of €3,435 before the depreciation of fixed assets of €339,923 was factored in, resulting in the €336,488 deficit - a figure down from a €601,379 deficit in 2019. To compare the impact of the pandemic, total income for 2019 stood at €4,073,490 with expenditure for the same period at €4,334,738.
 Intercounty gate receipts were €210,624 for the year ended on October 31 (down from €297,661 in 2019); Central & Provincial Council grants were €213,173 (down from €512,778); and sponsorship also took a hit at €277,767 (down from €623,787).