Roly Daniels still going strong.

Life is good for Roly Daniels

ROLY Daniels doesn’t mince his words about not getting a penny, or a cent, in royalties for his biggest hit Hello Darlin’ which was three months in the Irish charts, reaching number two in 1972, and was on a dozen compilation albums since.
“It was a big hit for me, but I don’t know where the money went. I’m still waiting for it and if somebody knows who is getting it please let me know!
“That sounds like a bit of a joke and it’s hard to believe but nothing ever came my way from it. In those days we were so delighted to be even asked to sign a recording contract that we signed this, that and the other. The bass player, the drummer, the producer and all others must have got paid but I’m still waiting for it,” he added with a laugh.
Roly recorded with six different record labels from his arrival in this country from his native India in 1966 until 1980 and his songs have been released on a few more labels since then up to now when he is long gone into semi-retirement.