Turn to nature

TURN to nature to freshen up your look this spring. From colours to scent — everything in the world of make-up is blooming, so it’s time to wakey wakey!
There’s plenty of inspiration in the new Garden Escape collection from Clarins which features a soft natural base to showcase zesty shades as well as invigorating greens and soft pastel pinks. This isn’t so much a nude look as a pared-back one. There’re still plenty of opportunities to give focus to the eyes and lips and I especially love the new green easy-apply kohl for a less intense smokey eye.
Another of this collection’s must-haves for me is the gorgeous new lip oils that come in a gentle pink tint and a neutral honey glow.
These little bottles are divine and not only give your lips a fabulous glow, they really help battle against the chapping effects of the often-biting March winds.