Man who ‘liked belting women' bound to keep peace

A JUDGE who noted a defendant 'liked hitting women' was told that the man was now in a stable relationship and intended moving to London with his girlfriend where she is to follow a teacher training course. [private] Before Judge Geoffrey Browne at Tuam Court was Ian Cahill, 1 Meadow Avenue, Milltown Road, Tuam, charged with assaulting Ann Spellman in the Shambles car park on January 24, 2010 and a public order offence on December 18, 2010. 'You like hitting women, I see. Is that right Mr Cahill. You like belting women no matter where,' Judge Browne put to the accused. John Mitchell solr (defending) reminded that Judge that he had previously given his client an opportunity to get his life in order. He pleaded that Cahill had been off drink and drugs since last Christmas. He didn't go into pubs any more and was in full-time employment and had not come to Garda attention since the incident before the Court. Cahill was granted free legal aid. 'Drink is the root of my client's problems and his attitude has changed dramatically since he stopped drinking,' the defence pleaded. Insp Michael O'Dwyer outlined a number of Cahill's previous convictions for the Court but his solicitor emphasised that he had not drank since last December and now wanted to leave his past behind. On the assault charge Judge Browne imposed a two-month prison sentence, suspended for two years provided he enter a bond to be of good behaviour for that period. He also imposed a one-month consecutive sentence on the public order charge, under the same conditions. 'It's up to him now to sort out his life. If he wants to spend the rest of his life in and out of prison, it's up to him. The ball is in your court. If I see you here again you're going to prison,' the Judge said in conclusion. [/private]